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sitting maiden

October 2009

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sitting maiden

My Journal is now Friends Only

Don't worry, I'm not de-friending anyone. I'm just keeping it safe.


hi, I think you are the one who made a really scary evil Winchesters vid out of a Smashing Pumpkins song? If so, great job!! I was like, oh help! where's Henricksen when you need him!!!! awesome concept -- the music is so slow and the fades and cuts you use are so deliberate and threatening -- both stalking!Sam and slinking!Dean are scary as crap! Great job again-- if you have more vids I'd like to friend?

Thanks for compliments- I'm so glad you like my vid! I do have more vids on my journal, though I don't add them very regularly. So you can friend me and I'll do the same.

But you can also watch them on youtube. My Youtube account name is the same: katharwen. ;)
well, if I don't friend you then I can't comment! so I will :)

also, if you would prefer to delete comments off your frontpage, I won't be offended.

Oh, it's no worries- welcome to the f-list!! :D
Oh, I remember you! Hiya! :D *adds*
Did you go to the Waters of Mars viewing? I didn't see you!! :'o(
No, I couldn't make it! I was too broke. :(

I trust you had fun?
Well, at first there was no sound so we watched the 1st half of the Sarah Jane Adventures making up our own dialogue. After that though it was really good. The episode was really good!!

When do you leave for Jamaica and when do you come back?
Darn! I thought it was Trinidad but I changed my mind at the last moment. :o/

Are you going to be back in time for the Goodbye David Party in January?!
I believe it's January 3rd. :'o(
Oh dear...I'm just missing everything, aren't I?

I'll try to make it for the premiere of Eleven, or the next pub meet when I come back- whichever comes first. ;)
Hi, I recently reviewed What It Means To Be A Hero on ff.net, and I actually recced your fics on my lj, but seeing as I have maybe two friends who watched and enjoyed Sky High, it'd be fun to have more :)

Friend? Begging, ugh.
Oh how lovely- a rec! I've friended you although you should be warned, I don't post many Sky High related entries in my journal.

Thanks for taking an interest in my story!
Eh, well, like I said I don't have many Sky High fandom friends, but I enjoyed your fic (read them all now) so I recced. I don't often rec fanfic, so take it as a rare compliment :) Plus, this fandom needs all the help it can get, seeing as it's small and all.

Mm, well, I don't post about Sky High often either, though more recently since I've grown a tad disappointed in my current major fandom - or rather, the people in it. But yeah, I understand. I post more about real life than fannish stuff *shrug*